Safe Crusades / No Judgements / And Baby

by The Caution Children

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released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Same Thing In Three Parts
The sun's too bright and evenings give me a headache/The heart has its secrets/A distant light is leaving.../Like stars themselves, there's nothing I can do
Track Name: Psalms
I'm a thief of bad process!/Rescind centers!/Carve curved creases out of smooth!/Don't thank a thought... this thought/I don't care for four leaf clovers/I don't care for salt and shoulders/Now I've got new superstitions/Blaming calm for qualms I carry/Singing psalms for wrongs I've buried!
Track Name: Shouldn't Have Used Black Magic
I should not use black magic/I was made for the light/What was I thinking?/A want exceeded my decency/A want exceeded my common sense/I'm left with a mess that no one will know about/No one must know!
Track Name: Secret Kings
This is not for everyone and everyone's welcome/(We're the)/Dionysian mystery, an ecstatic cult/(secret kings)/Walking around in the dead of night/(secret)/false words are true/false words ring true/for (we're) the secret kings/passed up, used up, gave up/sometimes is ours/passed up, used up, gave up/up*6/late nights are multiple days/(days and days)/same with sleeping in/poor decisions, immature/emotional dysregulation, labile mood/poor hygiene/cleans up well for no good reason/Repeat it!*3/You know what's the most depressing thing in the world?/Everyone/We're the secret kings/This is not for everyone and everyone's welcome
Track Name: Middle Missing
Be brave/Wake up early/no cars passing when outside/I could see my own breath, everyone's/then driving, front desk, explanation, routine/Be brave/An intangible reward/closure/I should have never looked at the body/It changed everything/It punctuates each memory/I know what they say, but I made a mistake.
Track Name: Knowing About Bombs
It makes all the difference/It makes something a jump or lean/intensity or not knowing?/Call of the void?/This is the life/It makes all the difference all the same!
Track Name: Letter To My Child
Still getting used to talking, speaking in a past tense/Will it ever sink in?/What will i do with all this spare time?/Maybe travel?/Go to places I thought you stopped me from going/Oh man, I miss you.