Self​-​Titled EP

by The Caution Children

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Self release in 2007
Japanese release by Tokyo Jupiter Records in 2007


released July 7, 2007



all rights reserved
Track Name: People God Riddles
Ten years of sleeping.

We float like unanchored stars, a moving sky with no pattern.

Where do the hip and directionless go?

Do they dissolve quietly at thirty something
or are they caught in a numbers grid, like 9 to 5?

We find the unknown at this juncture.
We flirt at the precipice that marks no boundaries.
But we always step back.
And then the timings gone.

This part of our lives is like the ocean
A perfect distance from the surface level and the floor.
This part of our lives is like the sea.

The currents move us along and make us beautiful as we drift.
Track Name: Meaningless Symbols Acquire Meaning Despite Themselves
My life, my dreams,
I lay beside them.
They wrap around me.
Something I worked at for so long happened.
Now when I sleep I smile in small waves.
It's great.

The answer or the climax came.
It was moving deep into the background.
It went so far that it pushed into the sky.
The edges blurred until there wasn't any difference in color or shape.
Now it's the preferred hiding place of everyone I know.
Track Name: Taking This Mission Is Like Shaking Hands WIth The Devil
The constant filming for your protection is making 24 hour movie stars.
100% stunning looks where anything is constantly achieved.

Everyone is sculpted for this reason.
I couldn't tell. I didn't know. I wasn't sure.

This is why we dress so well,
Why we have such trouble concentrating,
Why someone being vulnerable feels cliché.

Because it feels too surface. *2
It's made routine into oblivion.

I think I'm feeling more suggestible.
Are you?
The trouble with getting what you want*2

Always remember the anonymous security guard
that mans a random cameras eye.

He's just loving you.
He thinks you're so great.
There's no way to tell he's there for you.

But with this line we can connect an ouroboros*2 (a spell of sorts)
and now you're watching him. *3