This Song Is Set In 1998

by The Caution Children

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A personal trace, a difference of view,
a time to try to know to feel it.
It will come back to me. *2

Possibility freezes and fractures,
Quickly moves into convergence,
a dynamic mass.
There will always be the question that came after your involvement,
"So I can be anything?"
Last time was a sad try at recapturing
the mass and the youth and more options.
It set me back farther than what I had planned for.
I was certain everything was lost.

Collapsing perspective, complete loss of words, a quote that won't stick, a rote to feel better, repeating of lists

(The desperation of talking, the disconnect of dialogue.
At the time, I was convinced that the meaning of it was movement,
but I should have calmed down and not let that anxiousness get the better of me.)

My tribulation
can only be broken by

I don't know and I don't know where I am.


released August 8, 2006
Recorded by Daniel Teller



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